The Sanctuary

Posted on 6 May 2020
The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a meditation centre for social change in the heart of Dublin City. The Sanctuary originated with a focus on personal well-being; and indeed continues to offer courses on yoga, mindfulness, meditation and drop in sessions for those seeking to maintain their balance: both physically and mentally. 

The Sanctuary has evolved organically over the years to include mindfulness programmes for schools, programmes for carers and those working on the frontlines of society. Moreover, it offers tailored programmes for commercial organisations, charities, workplace and management teams. 

The Sanctuary is encouraging everyone to enjoy the beautiful Dawn Chorus on 3 May. You don`t have to travel to experience it - it can and should be listened to from your own home, whether that be from an open window, a balcony or your garden.  They are encouraging everyone to join together in Homage to the Nations’ Caregivers

The Sanctuary will host a Facebook live mindful practice at 4:45 am on 3 May that will lead into the Dawn Chorus. As the world is forced to stand still, we have an extraordinary opportunity to tune into the ordinary beauty of life around us, a chance for renewal and gratitude, for nature and our caregivers. In so much uncertainty, we can count on the fact that the sun will continue to rise, and the birds will continue to sing.  

The Sanctuary has been developing and delivering mindfulness and meditation courses to carers across social care, youth and medical teams with a vision to help and support those most in need. As part of this vision, they have designed the Mindfully Compassionate Wellbeing Programme for those working in the caring field. Donations raised through the Dawn Chorus will go towards the continuation of these supports.  

The sanctuary is inviting people to record their own Dawn Chorus and send it to them and they will include it on their Facebook page, for all to share? Use the hashtag  #caringforthecaregivers