Helplink Mental Health

Posted on 7 Apr 2020
RTE's Drivetime

Helplink Mental Health was featured on RTE's Drivetime on 3 April 2020, supported by the #CommunityResponseIRL campaign.


(Listen from 21.30)

Helplink Mental Health has been providing mental health services locally across the West of Ireland, as well as nationally, for over 7 years.

Helplink Mental Health has now mobilised to respond to the COVID-19 crisis, to support and assist all communities and individuals who are struggling with their mental health / emotional well-being during this most distressing of times.

In particular, Helplink Mental Health is responding to the crisis by providing counselling services nationally online (via a free app on Smartphones/laptops/PCs). These remote services are being offered FREE and 7 days a week to people's homes and other private spaces (car, office, shed, barn, while you're walking, etc.)

In particular, Helplink Mental Health is offering:

  • Free counselling for people laid off work by the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Free counselling for people with addictions to gambling, alcohol and/or drugs.
  • Free counselling for Irish returning home.
  • Free counselling for Irish living abroad.
  • A standard low cost and discounted counselling services for individuals/couples is also still available.