Want to know how to talk your child about sex and relationships?

Speakeasy is a 6 week course starting on May 14th at 10am-1pm. This course is free of charge and designed to provide parents or people who work with children and young people, with the information, skills and confidence needed to talk to children about relationships and sexuality.

Speakeasy Course Content:

  • Puberty and reproduction, where babies come from?
  • Influences on sexuality from inside and outside the home
  • What Sex education is my child getting in school?
  • How do i answer my child’s tough questions!
  • Sexually transmitted infections explained in an age appropriate way
  • Contraception and condom information for teenagers and parents
  • Strategies to keep my children safe from harm

Speakeasy Testimonial:

“...The guided discussion helped me be more clear, confident, fluent and aware of questions relating to sex, sexual health, and even my own values concerning these issues. I now notice opportunities for discussing this information with my daughter and feel more confident about what is appropriate and when. My daughter has noticed this new confidence in me and has approached me with her questions far more frequently and openly than she had before....”

-a recent Speakeasy participant from Dublin

“ Every parent in Ireland should attend this course! Speakeasy has given me the confidence to begin talking to my child without the embarrassment!”

-Speakeasy mum from Wicklow

For further information contact Anita Butt, IFPA’s Education and Training co-ordinator on 01 607 4456/083 323 8956 or email


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I just wanted to add that I

I just wanted to add that I did this course a few years ago and it really is very good and thoroughly enjoyable.