Volunteers Needed - Portmarnock Integrated Arch Club

Do you have a few hours a week that you would like to give to helping a club with people with special needs?

If yes, then please join us.
Portmarnock Integrated Arch Club is a social club for people with varying levels of special needs in Portmarnock and the surrounding areas. The club was founded in 1990 by parents of people with special needs who felt there was no social outlet for their children. It started as a family led club in a small room in the local sports centre, however with the support of the community and the special members siblings and friends a building was acquired in 2000 and the club has developed immensely since then.

The club which once had minimal special needs members has expanded to a group of 35 families. It provided a place for people with special needs to meet on a weekly basis and to spend time with friends and socialise like their peers in the community. As the years went on Siblings replaced parents, to give parents a break, and then volunteers were recruited and they began to replace siblings.

Portmarnock Integrated Arch Club today is no longer one day a week, it now comprises 3 clubs which run: Thursday 20.00hrs-22.00hrs, Saturday 11.00hrs-14.00hrs; and Saturday 14.00hrs-17.00hrs.
Special members are entitled to go to any or as many clubs and many choose to go to all of them. Each club is run by coordinators, two per club, who are in charge of and look after both the special members and volunteers. Each club has an activity plan that spans three months in advance to give our special members the opportunity to be independent in choosing what activities they’re interested in.
IF you think you would be suited please call Sinead on 0863401524.


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