Trinity College Race and Ethnicity Evening Course open for applications

This popular ten week evening course at TCD will introduce participants to
theories of ‘race’ and ‘ethnicity’, locating ‘race’ within social, economic,
political and ideological relations and ‘race’ and racism in relation to
other divisions such as class and to emerging changes in Irish society.
Issues specific to Irish society will include the position of the Traveller
community and the links between racialisation and the asylum/migration
processes.  It is open to all participants, but is specifically suited to
public sector and NGO employees. Topics include: exploring the conceptual confusion around ‘race’, ethnicity, nationalism; Anti-semitism and Islamophobia; Racism and anti-racism in Irish society; and the politics of multiculturalism/interculturalism/integration
A ten-week evening course run by Dept of Sociology, Trinity College.
Information and application form from
Fee: €175
Date, time and place :
Tuesdays, 6 p.m. - 8 p.m in Trinity College, Dublin 2.
The first course runs 9 Oct 2012 to 11 Dec 2012.
The second (repeat) course runs 15 Jan 2013 to 19 March 2013

 Contact: Martina Byrne at