Trinity College Dublin Social Entrepreneurship Speaker Series - 23 January @ 17.30

Only Offenders Can Stop Re-offending || Mark Johnson
Mark has a history of serious crime, homelessness and drug abuse. He went through rehabilitation at the age of 29, and since then has become a leading figure in the criminal justice reform movement.
Mark’s organisation, User Voice, exists to reduce offending. Their work is led and delivered by ex-offenders who foster dialogue between users and providers of services within the criminal justice system. Through democratically elected prison and probation councils, his work is providing ways to enable unheard voices to make a difference, convincing policy-makers and showing dramatic impact. User Voice believes “only offenders can stop re-offending.” 
Mark is currently in the process of bringing User Voice to the Irish Prison System. Mark’s autobiography, Wasted, is a best seller, and he is a regular columnist with the Guardian newspaper. 
Where: Innovation Academy, 3 Foster Place, College Green, Dublin 2.
When: 23 January - 17.30 to 18.30
This event will also feature the launch of McKinsey's Venture Academy Competition


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