Symposium: 'The Left and the EU: Ireland After Brexit'. Monday 5th December 2.00-4.30, Research Seminar Room, G27, O’Rahilly Building, University College Cork. Ireland. Anthony Coughlan, National Platform for EU Research and Information Centre and Associate Professor Emeritus TCD Karen Devine, Lecturer, DCU Tom O'Connor, Lecturer, CIT For more information contact Féilim Ó hAdhmaill The Left in Europe has long expressed mixed views on the European Union. Indeed much of the Left in both Britain and Ireland initially opposed membership in 1973, viewing it to be a ‘rich men’s club of former colonial powers’ and representing the interests of global capitalism in a world dominated by neo-colonialist expansion. By the 1990s, progressive EU policies such as anti-Poverty Programmes, anti-discrimination legislation, etc., led some on the Left to believe in the potential for a ‘Social Europe’. The age of austerity in the Eurozone, however, has led to further questioning about the potential of the EU to deliver. The aftermath of the Syrian refugee crisis, an apparent move to the far right in Europe and the USA and the onset of Brexit, now present additional challenges for the Left throughout Europe and Ireland. In this symposium, three academics, (from Trinity College Dublin, Dublin City University and Cork Institute of Technology) consider the issue of the Left and the EU in an Ireland after Brexit and some of the difficulties/opportunities facing the Irish state.