Sensational Kids - The Only Not For Profit Toy Shop run by a Charity!  

Sensational Kids is a very unique charity and social enterprise – we sell a range of educational toys as a means of fundraising so that we can subsidise the costs of occupational therapy and speech & language therapy services for children of all abilities, including those with special needs, who attend our therapy clinic.


The toys are available to buy online on our website where prices include delivery or at our shop at Unit F2 Kildare Business Park, Kildare Town. We stock a range of traditional toys that are good for a child’s development such as jigsaws, shape sorters, and puppets, to name just a few!


We would be very grateful for any assistance you could offer in helping us to spread the word about our lovely toy shop at this time of year and if you could support the shop by buying gift for a child from Sensational Kids.

Thank you for your kind support.


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This is the perfect time to

This is the perfect time to show off a toyshop - I was reading an article yesterday about how fortunes will be won and lost in online retailing between now and 22 (sic) December.  I particularly like the wooden carpenter's bench.  This is also an excellent example of a good income diversification strategy - very important in the light of the coming budget, methinks!

We've a lengthy treatsie on income diversification for any interested souls here.