A recent Report by Brian Harvey found that the community and voluntary sector has already taken a disproportionate share of recent stringent budget cuts.  The Report predicts the loss of an estimated 5,000 jobs – almost 10% of the workforce. In the run up to the December budget, speculation is mounting about the extent to which the community and voluntary sector will be hit with further cuts.  Given the scale of the threats to the sector, the Community Sector Employers Forum, SIPTU and IMPACT are jointly hosting the following event:

‘The Community Sector – A Cut Too Far’September 15th at  Liberty Hall, Dublin 1 from 2pm to 4.30 pm.

Contributors: Justine McCarthy, Journalist (chair);  Patricia King, Vice President of SIPTU and of ICTU; Shay Cody, IMPACT General Secretary

Tom O’Connor, Lecturer in Economics and Public Policy ,Cork Institute of Technology; Brian Harvey (author of attached report) Cathleen O’Neill, National Community Development Forum; Maureen Kelly, Community Sector Employers’ Forum  Chairperson

The event takes place in advance of the day of action  against the cuts by the community sector and trade union campaign on Wednesday 29th September.

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