Presidion Ireland and the Children’s Research Network for Ireland and Northern Ireland invite you to attend their Overview of the Why and How of Data Analysis in the Non-profit Environment, which takes place on Wednesday, 6 March.

The event is highly tailored to charities and non-profits and how they can overcome common issues and make the most of their administrative data and research process.

The event will focus on:

  • How to reduce the time spent analysing data
  • How to maximise the value of your administrative and donor data
  • How to gain full insights of your data
  • How to automate the whole process.

You will learn how analysing your data can give you key insights into how to provide better services to those in need and in to how to allocate your resources more efficiently. Key insights such as:

  • What services are having the most significant impact? Which ones help you get closer to your goals?
  • What campaigns work better for fundraising? What is the profile of your most valuable donors and main reasons why they support your organisation?
  • What changes can you implement in your existing processes and services that would improve the experience of your service users?

Reducing the time you spend doing data analysis and research is possible!

Many charities and non profits have benefited from attending previous Presidion events and all are equally invited to attend this one.

For more details and registration please see this link below:
IBM-SPSS seminar on achieving the most from administrative and donor data>>>

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