Person Centred Planning - accredited and flexible training options in December.

Learn about Person Centred Planning principles, the Service System, McKnights three visions for service models, O’Briens basic strategy, 6 phases of PCP, Personal Outcomes and the 5 valued experiences, and more!

The course will commence with an Online Module which will help you to quickly become familiar with the websites that are used during your course of study – mainly the Learning Centre (module, readings, online learning) the OTC email account (gmail) and the Google Docs & Turnitin web pages where you will submit your assignment upon completion of the course. The Online Module takes the form of a number of tasks that you will undertake with your online tutor. It will take a number of hours in your own time spread over a number of days. It will follow a very specific set of step-by-step instructions that will allow you to complete the tasks with ease and be fully prepared for the online aspect of the actual course.

The PCP course itself will commence with an intensive full day workshop/seminar where you will meet your tutor, fellow students, and will be given a copy of the module. You will also discuss the assignment. The workshop will be conducted at the Marino Institute of Education, Conference Centre, Griffith Avenue, Dublin 9.


The assignment will be written over a number of weeks where you will receive significant student supports from the OTC team that will include frequent telephone/email tutorials with your assigned tutor in order to guide you through the course content. You will engage in the online supports in your own time in order to enhance your understanding of the topic and help support your successful assignment submission.


The course module is completely accredited by QQI/HETAC and is placed at Level 7 – Ordinary degree level on the National Framework of Qualifications.


Person Centred Planning, 7-1 (Phase 3) course schedule:

Online Module:             Monday, Nov 25th – Friday, Nov 29th

Workshop/Seminar:                  Friday, Nov 29th 2013

Assignment submission:            Friday, February 7th, 2014.


Please let me know if you wish me to send an application form now. Payment is due along with a completed application form. Cost: €595


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