People’s Climate March - Dublin, 29 November - An event For climate justice, community energy and a carbon free future

On 30 November, world leaders will gather in Paris at the UN Climate Summit. The decisions they make on issues such as global carbon emissions and renewable energy will impact each and every one of us for years to come.
On the eve of the UN Summit - Sunday, 29 November - please join Trócaire in Dublin for the People’s Climate March. Stand with those who are taking part in marches in cities around the world, demanding the political action that is necessary to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.
Bring your supporters and friends to Dublin to help make this the largest ever gathering of people calling on Ireland to play its part in tackling runaway climate change.
Here’s how you can take part:
  1. Pledge your support by bringing as many of your members as possible to the 29 November march in Dublin city centre - please email to ask Stop Climate Chaos to add your organisation to the list of those participating
  2. Spread the word - email your supporters and ask them to sign-up to join the march and share it with their friends.
We want Ireland to:
  • Reduce climate pollution from all sectors
  • Realise the huge jobs potential of climate action
  • Support and protect vulnerable countries in the developing world
  • Start phasing out fossil fuels now
  • Enable community ownership of renewable energy
  • Secure decent work for all in the transition to a carbon free future
  • Stop TTIP undermining climate action
  • Plan for sustainable, liveable, smart cities.
Right now, the Government should:
  • Commit to producing a Climate Action Plan in 2016
  • Pledge adequate finance to the Green Climate Fund
  • Establish a payment for rooftop solar electricity
  • Ban fracking
Join Trócaire outside The Customs House, Dublin at 2pm on Sunday 29 November. Bring your own banners, wear your organisation's t-shirt, and be ready to make some noise to demand action NOW on climate change!