Nelson Mandela Day Madrid 2010 launches volunteering program.

Nelson Mandela Day Madrid 2010, the International Nelson Mandela Day celebration, which was made official by the UN last December and takes place this year in Madrid, launched its volunteering program this morning at Espacio Pozas from the Red Cross in Madrid.
This Volunteers Project is part of the Nelson Mandela Day Madrid 2010 activities, a celebration that this year will be held in Madrid after the official recognition of this international day by the United Nations resolution. Nelson Mandela Day is an annual celebration of Nelson Mandela’s values on his birthday and a call to action to inform people that every individual is able to contribute to change the world around us, highlighting that everyone can make an imprint, no matter how small it may be.
Alex Martínez de Velasco, from 46664, campaign organizer of Nelson Mandela Day, said: “Nelson Mandela spent more than 67 years serving his community, his country, and the world at large. This is a symbolic number of how people can start, taking one small step at a time, and then become part of a continuous, global movement for good. We call to dedicate 67 minutes to community service. Starting with 67 minutes on Mandela Day, and then making every day your Mandela Day in doing some good”.
With the aim of people showing the same spirit Nelson Mandela did for over 67 years, 46664 has developed an online web resource to allow people to be part of this initiative by “donating” 67 minutes on a specific volunteering project provided by one of the different NGOs who have joined this Project or will be joining in the future. The number 67 is a symbol of how people can start, taking one small step at a time, and so become part of a continuous, global movement for good carrying out volunteering tasks.
Mª Gabriela Valli, Coordinator of the Volunteer web resource for 46664, explained how this resource works, “As the website connects NGOs and volunteers, the website has been programmed in a flexible and adaptable way”, she continued: “This website will facilitate the communication between the NGO’s and all the people interested in dedicating their time to social services”.
The web resource uses 7 existing volunteering programs, including around 30 activities already shown on the website. There will also be a new channel to attract volunteers. Among the possibilities that this resource offers, one of them is to strengthen and amplify the task of raising awareness among citizens as well as obtaining different volunteers experiences and information. 
The launch of is part of a series of community-orientated programmes that will take place in Madrid over the coming months, along with other cultural, sporting and musical events.