TNT: Rio +20 and The People’s Summit

Venue: LASC, 5 Merrion Row, Dublin 2

Date: Wednesday 20th June

Time: 6.30pm

On Wednesday 20th June, to coincide with the day of Global Mobilization, Laura Carvalho, who is currently graduating from the MSc. in Environment and Development from Trinity College, will talk about the People's Summit and explain who these organizations are, what they want and will outline the solutions they offer for Social and Environmental Justice.

With the coming of the Rio+20 Conference, the world will turn its attention to what has been achieved in terms of sustainable development and plan what steps to take next. Running parallel to the conference, another conference will take place from the 15th to the 23rd June, the ‘Cupula dos Povos por Justica Social e Ambiental’ (People’s Summit for Social and Environmental Justice). The People’s Summit radically questions the planned agenda for Rio +20 and its global institutions, claiming that they are unsatisfactory to deal with the environmental and social crisis of the planet and call for a re-articulation of social-environmental movements of the world. The People’s Summit is organized by a committee compounded by over thirty organizations representing various segments of society and / or environmental causes.

Laura Carvalho is currently undertaking the MSc. in Environment and Development, TCD and has recently returned from a field trip in Rwanda, Africa. There she worked with a group conducting a small research project entitled 'Socio Economic conditions and Resource Accessibility' in the villages surrounding the National Volcanoes Park. Back in Dublin now, she is conducting interviews for her final research project entitled 'Autonomous Geographies in Dublin: Sustainability, Social Learning and Sustainable Lifestyles in Resistance Trajectories' under supervision of Anna Davies. She is from Sao Paulo, Brazil.