Budget Cut of 66% imposed on CE Schemes

At the executive meeting of the Sligo County Community Forum last Thursday it was decided to focus attention on the cuts to CE schemes and the impact that this is having on community groups.  The forum is going to advocate on this issue on behalf of community groups in County Sligo to relevant TD's, and raise the profile of the issue in the local press. 

In order to do this they need a clear picture of the impact of the cuts on the ground in County Sligo - if you employ someone on a CE scheme can you take a few minutes to answer the questions below:

1.  How many people do you have on the scheme?

2.  How did you use the material and training grant in your scheme?

3.  What will the 66% cut in this grant mean for the CE participant on your scheme?

4.  How will the cut in this grant impact on your organisation and service users?

5.  What do you intend to do to deal with this cut?

Please send your responses to the Forum Development Worker, Claire Galligan, by the end of this week, Friday 20 January. 

You can contact Claire at: or call 074-9111814 (Monday and Wednesday) to speak to her.