Call for Stories-Hijabi Monologues Ireland 

Our Stories, Our Words

Hijabi Monologues Ireland is excited to announce a call for stories from women of all ages: adults, teenagers and children, grandmothers, mothers and daughters.

Hijabi Monologues is an international theatre project which encourages and provides a safe space for women to share their stories. These monologues go beyond the much debated hijab, celebrate the gift of the gab, and present personal insights—ranging from comical to painful—into the experiences of Muslim women. These stories may be common to many women, but do not have to speak for all.

Winning writers will have an opportunity to work with actors to develop their story for theatrical presentation and to see it performed professionally on stage during April 2013.


Submission deadline: Friday, 11th January 2013                                              



Please submit your story to For alternative methods of submitting your story (film, voice recording etc.) and full list of submission guidelines and tips, contact Jen at the Immigrant Council of Ireland on 00353 (0) 1 6458160.

Anonymity will be respected and guaranteed in the case of request.



The story should not be longer than 800 words or 6 minutes.

Please note, the story should be true and your own.



  • The hijab may be used as a “prop” but should not be the centrepiece or story subject.
  • Explicit regional/cultural/ethnic references or lingo is encouraged (e.g. He broke his wudu, her dupatta was always freshly pressed). At the same time, the story should be accessible to a wide audience.
  • Local stories (i.e., specific to a particular region, city or town) are a big plus!

To learn more about the Hijabi Monologues, please click on the video link: