Blanchardstown Area Partnership is recruiting new members for it's Plan Implementation Boards (PIBs).

Blanchardstown Area Partnership is the local development agency for the whole of Dublin 15. We receive our funding from the Government under the National Development Plan 2007-2013. The Partnership is responsible for a range of programmes to meet the needs of individuals, families and community groups in the area. These include the Local Employment Service (LES/JOBLINK), Local Development Social Inclusion Programme (incorporating the Community Development Programme)

What is the work of the Partnership? The key task of Blanchardstown Area Partnership (BAP) is to develop initiatives which create positive change in the area. This leads to social and economic improvements for communities and the people who live in them. Key objectives include:

• Delivering innovative and effective responses to needs in the area

• Co-ordinating social inclusion programmes • Supporting communities to bring about positive change themselves. 

• Influencing key policy makers and programme funders Blanchardstown Area Partnership (BAP) is currently seeking additional community representatives for the Partnerships Plan Implementation Boards (PIBs). 

Community representatives provide a voice for Dublin 15 community in the actions and programme of the Partnership. If your community group/organisation are interested in contributing to making Blanchardstown a more vibrant community, we want to hear from you! 


Blanchardstown Area Partnership aims to bring community, statutory, elected and social partner representatives together to work on an equal basis to tackle the key issues to ensure that all people in Blanchardstown can avail of opportunities to live fulfilled lives. 


Plan Implementation Boards (PIBs) were established in 2001. The PIB’s are made up of representatives from community, statutory, social partners. There are ten community seats per PIB. The community members play a very important role on the PIBs to ensure that the work of BAP is focussed on real needs and to work with others to develop responses to the issues that effect local communities. 

There are currently three PIBs operating in the Blanchardstown Area Partnership: (1) Community Development, (2) Youth and (3) Economic Development. The role of the PIBs is to: 

• Implement specific areas of the Strategic Plan 

• Report to the BAP board on progress 

• Coordinate responses to promote social inclusion 

• Influencing, lobbying and mainstreaming actions with other agencies 

• Work with BAP staff to implement actions. 

The PIB’s meet monthly and are chaired by a member elected by the group. Each PIB is represented at the Board level through representatives elected by the PIB. The PIBs work closely with the staff. Meetings are agreed and scheduled for the year and happen on weekdays. Members are compensated for expenses incurred in attending meetings such as travel and child-care costs if necessary. New members will receive a full induction to the PIB and the Partnership and will be fully supported in their new role.


A: If you are currently a community representative on a PIB: Blanchardstown Area Partnership would like to thank you for working with us. It is much appreciated and we want you to continue working with us. Can you please indicate your willingness to continue your involvement by completing PIB Nomination form and returning it to Fingal Volunteer Centre no later than 24th September 2010 

B: If you are not currently a community representative on a PIB: But would like to be, we really want to encourage you to get involved. You must be a member of a community or voluntary organisation in the Dublin 15 area and there can only be one representative from your group / organisation on each PIB. In the event of too many organisations / groups expressing an interest in one PIB there will be an election. Please complete PIB Nomination Form and ensure that the Chairperson of your organisation signs it and return it to Fingal Volunteer Centre no later than 24th September 2010. 


Information sessions will take place in Blanchardstown Area Partnership, Dillon House, Unit 106, Coolmine Industrial Estate, Dublin 15 on Wednesday 15th September 2010 at 11am and 7pm. Express your interest in being involved If you would like to express your interest in being involved in the PIB’s or want to attend one of the information sessions please email or call Helen O’Broin on (01) 820 9550 and we will put you on our mailing list.

For more information on Blanchardstown Area Partnership please visit This recruitment process is being organised by Fingal Volunteer Centre.

Download an information pack and application form (Adobe pdf file)