Media Relations & Interview Skills


13th October 2016 - 9.30am - 4.40pm.


Carmichael Centre.

The training will be very participative and will include practical exercises which can be based on specific promotional / media campaigns in which participants are or will be involved. To facilitate effective practical group work the maximum number of participants is limited to 16.


Feedback on best features of the course from pervious participants:

“Simon is great speaker.”

“Overall very good and knowledgeable trainer.”

“Most of it was very practical and relevant to my work.”

“Experience of presenter with real life examples very helpful.”

9.30 Welcome & Introduction - Setting course objectives.

9.50 The Media As Your Ally – What Is Your Story Understanding what journalists want / need from you.

10.10 Devising your Media Strategy Key messages and target audiences

10.30 Targeting the media Print, Broadcast and New Media National, Local and Community mediaDifferent forms of media require different approaches.

11.00 Break

11.15 Practical session – Group Work – Defining Your Key Messages

12.00 Your Message as News – Writing Effective News and Press releases

12.30 Pro-active media relations Dealing with journalists

1.00 Lunch

2.00 Preparing for Media Interviews – Key Points, Holding audience attention – staying focused, Dealing with difficult questions, Handling nerves building your confidence

2.30 Post-it exercise - What you most like / dislike fear about being interviewed by journalists

2.45 Types and Styles of radio interview – Studio, Phone, Recorded,Live etc.

3.00 Practical session Group work – Preparing for interviews Shaping messages, selecting key points and delivery.

3.45 Television Interviews – Looking, feeling and sounding good on TV.

4.15 Evaluation and Wrap up.

4.30 Ends