Life, Camera, Action! Celebrate the UN International Year of Biodiversity by taking part in ECO-UNESCO’s summer film & photo exhibition! Find out how to take part.


ECO-UNESCO is running a Biodiversity Photography & Film Exhibition ‘Life, Camera, Action!’ to celebrate the UN International Year of Biodiversity.

We will exhibit all entries in the Greenhouse, Dublin 2, this Autumn.

All submissions will be also be put into a draw on the day of ECO-UNESCO’s National Youth Eco-Forum: WORLD WILD WEB, with prizes including a workshop on wildlife documentary making with a renowned wildlife photographer and other great prizes up for grabs too!

Full details of how to get involved are on our website here:

For more information email


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That sounds really deadly. 

That sounds really deadly.  Anyone thinking of making some short films, remember that there's a host of resources on this sort of social media stuff at