Launch of the New Pobal Maps Geographical Information System

Pobal has launched the new and updated Pobal Maps. The new system is a faster, easier to use and more accessible version of the previous system, allowing more convenient access to data such as nationwide childcare services and the Pobal HP Deprivation Index.
Some of the key new features include:
  • Easy access via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
  • No need to download additional software (such as Microsoft Silverlight), allowing easier access for first time users.
  • Themed viewers that are tailor made to suit user requirements, such as childcare services, deprivation analysis, area profiling and reporting, and the location of Pobal funded services.
The system is designed with simplicity for the user in mind, and there are detailed tutorial videos included under the resources section.
We hope that you find the system to be an improvement, and we would welcome your feedback. Any comments or suggestions can be sent along with any user queries to