Judaism and Jewish Christian-Relations 1-day Interreligious Studies Conference - 13 March


You are invited to a 1-day conference on Judaism and Jewish Christian-Relations  Interreligious Studies

Date: Thursday, 13 March 2013
Time:   10.15am- 4.45pm
Venue: Lecture Theatre, G16, Irish School of Ecumenics-Loyola Inst. Building, Main Campus, Trinity College Dublin.

Directed by: Rev Professor Dr Peter Scherle, Director of Theological College, Herborn, Germany; Member of ISE Trust Council

General Theme: The Church and the People of God - Christian Identity in the Face of Judaism

Specific Themes: The Parting of Ways: Jewish-Christian-Relations through the Ages; Jewish and Christian Theology after the Shoah; Trinitarian Theology in "Israel's" Presence; The Church and "Israel" - A Church Theory Perspective

Places limited - RSVP to by 7 March 2014.