Irish Water Developing First National Water Resources Plan

Irish Water is currently developing the first National Water Resources Plan (NWRP) that will outline how we move towards a sustainable, secure and reliable drinking water supply for everyone over the next 25 years whilst safeguarding our environment.
The objective of the NWRP is to outline how we intend to maintain the balance between supply and demand for drinking water over the short, medium and long term whilst minimising impact on the environment.
Irish Water has a statutory responsibility to ensure the proper and effective management of water resources across the country and to ensure all customers have access to drinking water to the required standards and required quantities
The NWRP will set out a standardised approach to water resourcing and services at national, regional and local levels, in the short, medium and long term. It is a long-term plan, to ensure our water resources are sustainable, not only for future generations but for industry too. A robust and sustainable water resources plan will show that Ireland’s water supplies will have the capacity to support future growth and encourage investment.
Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Appropriate Assessment (AA) will be carried out in parallel with the development of the NWRP where all will be invited to contribute to the development of the NWRP as part of the SEA and AA process through public consultation at keys stages, including:
  1. Consultation 1 – a six-week non-statutory public consultation seeking feedback on the SEA Scoping Report for the NWRP to determine the scope and level of detail of information to be included in the SEA Environmental Report and Natura Impact Statement (Winter 2017).
  2. Consultation 2 – an eight-week statutory public consultation seeking feedback on the Draft NWRP and associated SEA Environmental Report and Natura Impact Statement (NIS) (Summer 2018).
Irish Water is committed to continuously engaging with stakeholders and we encourage feedback as we work through the development of the NWRP. We have just launched a dedicated NWRP webpage at the following link: where more detail on the NWRP can be found.
We have also launched a dedicated information service where you can directly contact the NWRP team with any queries you may have. You can contact the team as follows:
Post: National Water Resources Plan, Irish Water, Colvill House, 24-26 Talbot Street, Dublin 1