Introduction to SORP

October 11TH 2016 - 09.45am - 1.00pm.

Carmichael Centre In this half day course Evelyn Fitzpatrick will take you through all you need to know in order to ensure that you can implement a recommended best practice approach to accounting and financial reporting within your organisation.

Content includes:

What are SORP’s ( Statements of Recommend Practice)

What is the purpose of SORP

Why are they necessary in charity financial reporting

What are the requirements of SORPS for Charities

What is the connection between the Charities Act 2009 and SORP

What are the key requirements of SORP FRS102 ( latest SORP)

How to lay out Financial Annual Accounts in SORP Format

What is a Statement of Financial Activities (SOFA )and how to construct it

The rules on Income recognition under SORP

The SORP reporting required by the Charities Regulator

What is an Activity Report which is required from all charities regardless of size.

Carmichael Centre Resident Members: €50

Other Community Voluntary Charity Organisations: €60

Statutory/Corporate Organisations: €70