Two-Day Training Course – Tuesday & Wednesday 15th & 16th May 2012 in DFI


DFI are hosting a series of two day courses in 2012 which will be delivered by Consultant Trainers from the CES (Charities Evaluation Services) in the UK, the inventors of PQASSO.  DFI is the only location in Ireland where CES deliver this training. 

CES will deliver a two day training course on “How to Demonstrate Outcomes” on 15th and 16th May 2012 in DFI premises. 

Course summary 

This two-day core course is based on the Charities Evaluation Services, evidenced based self-evaluation model, which is an aims and objectives model of evaluation with a strong Outcomes focus.

This introductory course offers a practical approach to linking monitoring and evaluation of outputs and outcomes to the planning and delivery of an organisation’s work.  This course may assist organisations with implementing and evidencing some of the Quality Areas in PQASSO such as Quality Area 1, Planning; Quality Area 4, User-Centred Service and Quality Area 11, Monitoring and Evaluation.

Using case studies and examples, participants are offered the opportunity to apply their learning to their own projects.  Participants bring their learning together into a self-evaluation framework that will enable them to collect vital information both for internal use and for funders and other stakeholders.

 Is this course for you?

The “How to Demonstrate Outcomes” two-day training course is appropriate for small to medium sized voluntary sector organisations, and/or organisations that are just beginning to implement a monitoring and self-evaluation system to collect information on their outputs and outcomes.

You will benefit most from this course if you:

  • are new, or fairly new, to monitoring and self-evaluation
  • wish to have time within the training to explore issues of monitoring and self-evaluation
  • want to implement a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system in your organisation to collect information on the outputs and outcomes of your work
  • are implementing PQASSO or other quality management system in your organisation. 

Course Outcomes

 By the end of the two-day course, participants will be able to:

  • understand key evaluation concepts and terminology
  • identify and clarify aims and objectives, outputs and outcomes
  • set indicators to help assess achievement of outputs and outcomes
  • identify the requirements for basic monitoring systems
  • develop their own self-evaluation frameworks
  • identify some simple ways to collect information 


If you would like to register for this course, please email Eleanor Reece on or and if you would like more information on the course or on PQASSO Quality System, please contact Dermot O’Donnell, Support Officer for Organisations and Licensed PQASSO Mentor on 086-7808639 or by email on 

Registration Fee and Terms and conditions

Fee for the two-day Training course is €275 per participant.
Refreshments on arrival and at break times, including lunch are provided.  
All places will be confirmed in writing.
Bookings cancelled within 10 working days of the training unfortunately cannot be refunded. 

Cancellations with 10 working days or more notice will be refunded subject to an administration charge of 10% of the total cost of the course.
Cancellations must be made in writing and cancellation charges will apply whether or not payment has been received.
Please note that non-arrival at a course, with or without notice, counts as a cancellation.
Bookings may be transferred to another course date.
Please note that DFI reserves the right to cancel any course and in such cases, a full refund of course fees will be made.