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I am in the process of setting up a charity and need all the help and Advice I  can get.

I also need furniture for an office if anyone is giving them away .

Please contact me on 0851120671


Thank you so much


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Hi! Best of luck in the


Best of luck in the setting up of your charity and in seeking advice.

If you'd like to discuss fundraising needs and get any advice on fundraising then please do feel free to e-mail me at or to call 01 884 8000.

Of particular interest for a new charity might be our website - it's free to register your charity and there are no recurring fees. This will allow you accept on-line donations straightaway without the hassle of setting up a capable website or payment processing.

All the best,

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The first thing you need to

The first thing you need to do is delve deep into our Forming Your Charity section here. Read through every aspect of that and that should give you the direction you need to take the next steps. 

You should also strongly consider becoming a member of The Wheel, which will provide you with practical information and skills-building resources, as well as enabling you to add your voice to the wider debates affecting the community and voluntary sector in Ireland. Find out more here.

You can call The Wheel's office for more information on any of the above topics on (01) 454 8727.