Helium launches campaign for children in hospital

Helium Children's Arts and Health launched The Storytellers' New Gambit on in December and the campaign will run until February 1st.

The Storytellers' New Gambit is a storytelling and technology performance project led by Helium in collaboration with artists Eléonore Nicolas and Fiona Dowling that we aim, with the help of the public, to bring to the paediatric department of a Dublin hospital this spring for a six-month residency.  

In exchange for giving as little as €10 towards funding the project contributors will receive a personalized gift from the artists and be in with the chance to win prizes throughout the campaign.

By funding this project contributors will be helping to create a memorable experience for the children during their hospital stay and the means by which the children can get creative all by themselves.

Learn more about The Storytellers’ New Gambit, watch a wonderful animation from the artists, and fund it here:

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