Get involved, have a Flipping Party on Pancake Tuesday,  March 8 and support Foundation Nepal! 

This year, International Women’s Day falls on Pancake Tuesday,  8th March. To mark the day and generate much-needed funds, Irish charity Foundation Nepal is asking you to throw a pancake party at home, at school or at work and donate €1/€2 or as much as you can afford. This is not only an excellent opportunity to help severely disadvantaged communities in one of the poorest countries in the world but also a chance to enjoy a good old-fashioned fun get together on Pancake Tuesday!

In 2009, with the support of Foundation Nepal, some 650 women received maternity care, 2,317 people received family planning and 670 mothers were trained in agri-business. In 2010, 283 mothers took part in agri-business pilot programmes, that increased women’s income by 100% in some cases. By early 2011, 283 women were trained and running their own micro-finance groups.

To register and to receive your pancake pack containing posters, further information about Foundation Nepal and even some tasty recipes visit or call Fiona Dunning, 086 4012 441