Free PR campaign for an interested organisation!


Public Relations students from IT Carlow are inviting requests from interested organisations/non-profits to carry out PR campaigns on their behalf - for free.

In essence, the students will conduct researches, prepare and present ideas/suggestions for a public relations campaign or initiative, which not only gives them the opportunity to gain invaluable field experience before entering the marketplace, but also affords the organisations an opportunity to learn useful insights which may help their current/ upcoming projects/events or initiatives.    

No information is issued to the public. It is simply a student project where key learnings are examined. 

The organisations' involvement in the project will not take up too much time.  It is the students who will do all the work. However, representatives from the organisations are required to meet with the students to give them a full briefing (at a location of the organisation's choice) and also to attend the final presentation by the students (which has to be in IT Carlow, given that it is an assessment).  

If your organisation/non-profit has a project/campaign/initiative that could benefit from this academic work, please contact on or before Friday, 23 September 2016.