Free Information Seminar—‘Approaches to Migraine Management’

Saturday 15th September, Ballsbridge Hotel, Dublin

10.30am- 4.00pm

To highlight Migraine Action Week (10th-16thSeptember) the Migraine Association of Ireland is holding a free day-long information seminar entitled ‘Approaches to Migraine Management’.

 Confirmed speakers include:

  • Consultant Neurologist Martin Ruttledge (Beaumont Hospital, The Dublin Neurological Institute, The Hermitage) – ‘Migraine: An Overview’

  • Migraine Specialist Nurse Esther Tomkins – ‘New Developments in Migraine Treatment’

  • Post Graduate Researcher with NUIM Marie Percival – ‘The Psychology of Migraine: Cognitive Behavioural Approaches’

  • Ray McKiernan, Director of the Stress Management Institute of Ireland 

Throughout the day there will be a number of exhibition stands designed to offer topical and relevant information to health professionals and migraine sufferers alike.

In addition the event will feature practical workshop demonstrations of yoga, stress management, and Buteyko breathing technique as tools to combat migraine.

For more information see www.migraine.ieor phone 1850 200 378/ 01-8941280

Contact: Jenny Costello – Communications and Information Officer:

Migraine affects between 12 – 15 % of the population: about half a million people in the Republic of Ireland. It costs the Irish economy €250 million annually in reduced productivity and workdays lost and is classified by the World Health Organisation (2001) as the 12thleading cause of disability worldwide amongst women. Overall, it is ranked 19th.


Migraine is inherited in up to 60% of sufferers.