Forum Theatre for free – experience the potential
toBE are so passionate about the impact and learning through Forum Theatre (and other theatre-based learning methods) that they want you there for free. toBE believe you will want to bring some version of theatre-based learning into your organisation’s Learning & Development after this experience, but they won’t even make that a ‘Terms & Condition’. It’s only 3 hours, either in the morning or afternoon of 8 May 2014. 
Just come along and find a creative, new, challenging way to bring out the potential of your organisation. 
“I knew using theatre would bring the core difficulties to the fore and I even knew that everybody would be engaged; what I hadn’t expected with such tremendous depth was the level of emotional engagement and that this was the actual missing link in all our previous attempts to drive change. The amount of preparation and detail that Petra and her actors put into the programme was incredibly thorough. Even without the follow up, the Forum Theatre has made the single biggest impact on our people in my 20 years of working in HR for this company. I am blown away by the whole experience and cannot encourage you enough to use this method for your organisation’s biggest challenge” HR Director 
What is Forum Theatre? 
Forum Theatre is a shared experience in word and (e-)motion that stimulates debate, communication and a deeper understanding of different perspectives. It is an opportunity to speed up progression. By instructing their actors, you in-directly share your beliefs about how (not) to behave and hence experience the complexity of how to overcome real or perceived resistance to change. Trying out different options you – the audience - collectively build a new reality that is healthier for all. 
Forum Theatre is particularly powerful when organisations want to change attitudes, mindsets or cultures. 
Who should attend on Public Sessions? 
  1. Anybody who urgently needs a variety of ways to change the specific challenge of Bullying (am session) or 
  2. Those who are curious to the impact of Forum Theatre for possible use in their organisations 
“That’s not Bullying – it’s just being firm, get things done” 
Exploring what to do if you see it, experience it, are a manager over it or believe it may be bullying or harassment. On 8 May 2014 from 09:00 to 12:00 
“It’s not my job to do that” 
Exploring what to do if you see it, experience it, are a manager over it or believe it may be not true: whose job is it anyway? On 8 May 2014 from 14:00 – 17:00 
You do need to register to attend: 
Send the names and details of attendees and which Seminar you’ll attend to Caitriona at
Only confirmation e-mails secures your place. To discuss bringing Forum Theatre into your workplace, please contact toBE director, Petra Costigan-Oorthuijs directly via the above email address or telephoning: 087 233 5165.
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