There has been a spate of food recall lately and its very important to keep and eye out in your supermarket for food recall notices. Here is a list of the recent ones.

Faulty Metal Sweet Packaging which could be toxic recalled

Aldi is recalling batches of Comeragh Still Irish Spring Water Multi Pack (6 x 750 ml Sports Cap) and Burren Springs Ltd. is recalling the brand Coolwater Irish Still Spring Water and Burren Springs Irish Natural Spring Water, due to the presence of bacteria

All Liga Original has been withdraw as the biscuits have been found to take too long to soften in the mouth. This could possibly cause choking or discomfort in babies under 9 months of age if they are fed the biscuits dry. There is no safety concern if the biscuits are first mixed with liquid, such as milk or fruit juice.

People with egg allergies to be careful of the yogurt raisins as it contains eggs but is not declared. A list of products are up on our website.

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