Energy Action European Fuel Poverty Conference 2013 - Ballbridge Hotel, Dublin 4 from 11-12 March

It is estimated that 65m Europeans live in fuel poverty, which is associated
with more than 30,000 excess winter deaths in Europe per year.

Despite energy poverty being an enduring concept with widespread impact, there is no European consensus as to how it should be defined, nor how to measure or monitor it. Consequently, there is no common European strategy for tackling it, and Europe-wide perspectives remain immature and disjointed.

In the current context of economic crisis, the number of households in fuel
poverty is set to continue increasing at a rapid rate. A change of scale is
widely agreed that this would be facilitated by enhanced communication
between existing stakeholder groups.

Energy Action European Fuel Poverty Conference 2013 is the first of its kind. In keeping with Ireland’s Presidency of the EU, the conference brings together fuel poverty researchers, policymakers, and practitioners from all over Europe, in order to seek areas of common ground and shared understanding. The event will build areas of consensus, raise the profile of fuel poverty, and seek ways of embedding energy poverty within the broader rubric of EU legislation and remedial action.

Who should attend?
The Conference will facilitate dialogue between policy makers, regulators,
local authorities, island communities, politicians, health experts, researchers,
private contractors, energy companies and the various agencies supporting
vulnerable people in Ireland and Europe.

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