Do You want to Develop European Projects?

Russell Yates from Progressive European Solutions Ltd is currently helping St Peter's Partnerships (SPP) in Greater Manchester to develop their European Strategy, European projects and involve them in particular with transnational EU programmes, ie, those that involve co-operation with other EU Member States. In a time when both our governments are making significant cuts to training and employment programmes, Russell feels that we need to maximise our use of the EU programmes so that we can continue to offer an excellent service to our residents to improve their employability and skills.

SPP are a community led organisation, a Development Trust, which has developed a number of social enterprises which give local residents in Ashton under Lyne, a deprived area in Greater Manchester, training, volunteering, and ultimately employment across the range of their community businesses which in turn deliver local services operated by local people themselves. (

Russell is coming to Dublin next Friday 25th November to develop a number of projects that could be of mutual benefit to SPP and other Irish partners. He would be interested in developing an exchange of either people looking for work, or people undergoing already some kind of initial vocational training, through the EU's Leonardo da Vinci programme. His trip to Dublin will hopefully help him find organisations that can host, or help to find work placements for unemployed people, graduates, or apprentices, and in return offer the same in return, placements for return client groups, as appropriate.

Russell says that a third sector organisation with any work placement opportunities or is seeking to develop same would be extremely welcome, and they can provide the same for your organisations if you wanted to submit an application for your clients to undertake work placements in Manchester. 

If you are not familiar with the Leonardo programme, it will fund work placements in another EU country for up to 6 months, with very little match funding, if any, required. The administrative arrangements are also much less than other EU programmes and grants are given on a flat rate basis, without the need for endless accounting etc.

If you would like to meet Russell during the day on Friday 25th November The Wheel will facilitate a meeting between Russell and any of our members who express an interest. To find out the details of this meeting please contact Hugh in the office at and he will give you all the details.