Conscious Leadership Weekend with Aine Fox. 
A cutting-edge leadership programme for executives who wish to lead the way as conscious, responsible, innovative, purpose-driven organisations.
How the programme works?
The programme is normally run as a weekend retreat for organisations who wish to take their management and/or team leaders and immerse them in a 2 day creation. As a follow-on we offer an evening programme of workshops to further develop and refresh your understanding, to ensure that you and your teams put everything into practice! Alternatively, the evening workshops can be tailored as an introduction if you are unable to commit to a weekend.
The programme also works for staff at all levels to help with building teams and getting alignment, but more importantly in understanding yourself and your style and how it relates to others, and above all in tapping in to your true values and generating a real sense of mission. Everyone needs to be a leader and be confident to step up! We can help show you how…
More information:
The Emmaus Retreat Centre welcome you to a beautiful location supporting peace and harmony. The gardens and river walk help to enrapture our hearts with a sense of serenity and tranquility. In keeping with our natural surroundings, where we are fortunate to find ourselves, the Centre has been designed to bring that natural tranquility inside allowing a special atmosphere in which to create the appropriate setting for your retreat.
We all need time out now and then to gather our thoughts and to relieve the pressure of our daily lives. We invite you to look after your physical and spiritual well-being, to work with your relationship with yourself.