Conference Invitation:

Poverty and Quality of Life – National and International Perspectives (ESRI, Dublin - Wednesday, 16 November) 

The Department of Social Protection along with the Economic and Social Research Institute are organising a national conference to discuss new research on poverty and quality of life, the national and international perspectives.
The conference will feature the publication of a new report on Social Risk and Social Class Patterns in Poverty and Quality of Life in Ireland. The authors are Dorothy Watson, Bertrand Maître and Helen Russell (of the ESRI and TCD) and Christopher T. Whelan (of UCD & the Geary Institute of Public Policy).
The report draws on the CSO Survey on Income and Living Conditions (SILC) 2004 to 2013 to examine trends in poverty and deprivation over this ten-year period. Different patterns are identified for the social risk groups and social classes examined. These include lone parents, people with a disability and children among others. The study also examines the quality of life (QoL) problems facing these groups in 2013.
An international keynote speaker, Claire Wallace, Chair of Sociology & Director, New Research Centre, University of Aberdeen, will present complementary research on quality of life in an international and community context.
A panel of discussants will consider the research findings and their implications for policy. The conference will include inputs from national stakeholders. The conference will conclude by reflecting on the research, policy implications and plenary discussion. Delegates will be encouraged to exchange views during the concluding session. 
Please find brochure here and online booking form to register.