Conference Call to Youth Workers and Young people

"Many Cultures One Home" Thomond Park, Limerick 9th September 2010

Hosted by Doras Luimni.Doras Luimní have been promoting and protecting the rights of migrants since 2000, by encouraging integration between new and indigenous communities thereby promoting a more inclusive society.

The role of this one-day conference is to look back over the last 10 years to see how Ireland has changed and what has been achieved.

This conference also wants to imagine the future, what the next ten years hold and what further needs to be done to ensure an integrated and inclusive society.

We envisage Limerick and the Mid-west region to be one where people live in mutual respect, integrated in each others’ lives through work, community, family and a shared understanding. We believe integration is the key to social cohesion.

Through three identified themes of Media,Political voices and Arts/Culture/Sport/Music, we will address these issues and question the path we have taken and whether it is the correct one for the future.

We will hear the voice of specialists in many fields, of the new communities, of the host community, of the service providers and service users. We will hear the voice of youth and the distinctive experience they have. We will also host performance, literature, photography and art to tell the stories in different ways.

This is an interactive conference whereby the voice of all stakeholders is as important as the panel speakers. Discussion and question and answer dialogues are an integral part of how we can learn for the future. Whether in a personal or professional capacity this forum is being created to allow everyone to envisage the future of the region.

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