Community Filmmaking Panel Discussion

I am organising an event on Oct 22nd (see details below) and would greatly appreciate it if you could pass this information on to anyone who might be interested.

If you have any thoughts or ideas about community filmmaking please post a reply, or just let me know if your organisation or group has been involved in making any films.


Community Filmmaking Panel Discussion

at The Darklight Film Festival

Saturday October 22nd 11am - 12.30 pm

Darklight Film Festival, The Factory,

35a Barrow Street, Ringsend
Dublin, Ireland
Round table discussion on community filmmaking programmed by Eileen Leahy (TCD) including Daniel Lucchesi, director of We Are Poets. A panel consisting of community filmmakers, activists and artists, will discuss the hows and whys of community film. Topics up for debate include whether communities need to take control of how they are represented and how they might do so through film. The panel includes: 

Katherine Atkinson (Create), 
Paula Geraghty, (Trade Union TV), 
Dr. Àine O’Brien, (Centre for Transcultural Research and Media Practice, Fomacs) 
Ruth McCarthy, (Pixelbrix & Outburst Queer Arts Festival) 
Joanie Whyte (Fatima Groups United)


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We've not done anything

We've not done anything major, but have plenty of short clips for online use. We typically just use a Flip camera and whatever free editing software we can get our hands on.  We've recorded some of our events too, e.g.

It's all kept very simple.

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thanks Anthony - these films

thanks Anthony - these films are interesting and inspite of your 'simple' equipment and editing are very easy to follow and to hear/see. I guess the availability of accessible film and editing technologies makes it possible for more widespread use of film by community and ngos.

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Yeah, once you work within

Yeah, once you work within the limitations of your kit, e.g. avoid digital zoom and be aware that the in-built microphones are not great, then you can pull off decent video handily enough.  Have you had a look at Better Together yet? There's some awesome stuff being done with video there.