Come Dine at Mine in aid of Ruhama

During October and November 2010, Ruhama will invite the public to ‘Come Dine at Mine’ and raise funds for Ruhama.  You’ve probably watched the television show and shouted out, ‘I can do better than that!’  Well, this is your opportunity to prove it - host your very own ‘Come Dine at Mine’ evening, show off your kitchen skills, have a great night AND raise money for Ruhama.

How does it work?

The host invites his or her friends as guests to dinner. Instead of bringing gifts for the host  (e.g. wine, flowers, chocolates) guests will be asked to donate to Ruhama. Like in the television programme, guests give marks out of ten (using the score cards provided in the Ruhama Hosting Pack) for the overall experience or per course. As a suggestion, the mark they give per course could also represent how much they are willing to donate, so 5 marks = €5 donation. Alternatively, guests can make donations by envelope or whichever means you feel will work best for your diners. The host can choose to cook as many or as few courses as they like and on any theme  – vegetarian, cuisine from a particular country, macrobiotic… Some of our hosts have gotten a group of friends involved and will each host a night, with the host who score the most marks being declared the winner. That’s when the competition in the kitchen really starts heating up!

Competition for Best Menu

There will be a prize for the best menu offered to guests , which will be awarded in December. First, second and third prizes are organic food hampers from Absolutely Organic. So get thinking of a tasty or unusual menu to catch the judges’ eye! The judging panel will convene in early December so if you wish to be entered in the competition, you need to submit your details by the end of November.

To get involved, send an email to or call 01 8360292. You will be sent a hosting pack and then you can invite your friends to COME DINE AT MINE!