Chlldhood Professionals plan national demonstration day for next Friday (27/10/17)

Childhood Professionals are planning a national day of demonstration on Friday, October 27th– in protest at the lack of Government investment in the sector.

The Association of Childhood Professionals (ACP) is inviting employers, employees and parents to unite and support the action – giving a clear message to Government and opposition parties.

It will involve early learning and care centres closing early next Friday  – with each centre to decide on the specific time, as well as providing information to parents and viral campaigning.

ACP has also encouraged other early childhood centres and professionals – who are non-members – to join the action, to give information to parents and to engage on social media.

Childhood Professionals are encouraging all of those taking part to inform parents well in advance and explain the reasons for the action.

Further Information

Ronan Cavanagh, Cavanagh Communications: (086) 317 9731.