Care Alliance Ireland Rebrands

Care Alliance Ireland has announced the completion of a rebranding initiative. The organisation says that new logo together with the new catchline - 'Guiding support for Family Carers' will communicate more effectively what the organisation is about and the role it plays in the Health and Social care sector, particularly within the NGO sector.

The rebranding, the first since Care Alliance Ireland was established, has been undertaken at minimal cost thanks to significant volunteer input from a team of visual design Masters students in DIT, namely; Emma Cooke, Jessie Fitzgerald and Mic Chikanda.

Following consideration by it’s board of directors, and reflecting on  the organisation's Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan, the rebranding has kept in mind the three values the organisation is keen to communicate; namely Collaboration, Support and Integrity.

Commenting on the re-branding, Care Alliance Ireland Executive Director, Liam O’Sullivan, said:

‘We will continue to strive to demonstrate these three values in all our work. Our website has  undergone a major revamping, and it aims to be more intuitive, accessible, and easier to navigate. We are confident that people will find its contents useful in their work with Family Carers.’ 



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I indeed agree. This is

I indeed agree. This is something really catchy so no doubts that this would be clearly understood. We should all support Care Alliance.

Thanks for blogging about this.


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