Call for Contributions for a Scene Magazine Special Edition on

Youth Work with Young Travellers

Share and Promote your Work with Young Travellers

The next edition of Scene Magazine will focus on current practices in Youth Work With young Travellers. Supported by Erasmus+ Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good practices, this edition of Scene Magazine provides a platform for sharing international best practice in work with young Travellers.  Specifically, this edition seeks to identify “The barriers to engagement in youth work by young Travellers,” and strategies/practices that overcome these barriers. Contributors are also asked to outline the effectiveness and Traveller specific outcomes achieved by current approaches.

The deadline for submissions is July 10th, 2015. For more information contact Matthew Seebach,

Showcase of International Practice in Youth Work with Young Travellers
Wednesday 22nd July, Belfast

Contributors to this edition of Scene Magazine may be invited to attend and present their work at the upcoming symposium in Belfast in July. This Symposium event is hosted by YouthAction NI, as part of an by Erasmus+  Cooperation for Innovation and the exchange of good practices project involving Youth Work Ireland,  YouthAction NI, Involve and An Munia Tober. This is an international event for young Travellers, settled young people, youth workers, policy makers and service providers. It is youth friendly event at which youth work will be experienced, as well as talked about. In this way, youth work will be showcased, but also, young people can “sample” approaches to youth work with young Travellers.

For more information and to book please contact Louise Malone- - (048) 3025604

Further details on all aspects of this project can be found on our Facebook page at