Brainwave announces its new name - Epilepsy Ireland

Brainwave, The Irish Epilepsy Association is now to be known as Epilepsy Ireland!

Speaking about the name change, Mike Glynn, CEO of Epilepsy Ireland said “At a time when people are encouraged to speak more openly about epilepsy, we need to lead the way with a name that doesn’t hide the condition we represent. By making our name shorter and simpler, we believe that the task of raising public awareness of epilepsy and eliminating stigma will be easier to achieve. Unlike Brainwave, the name “Epilepsy Ireland” does exactly what it says on the tin!”

While the name is changing, Epilepsy Ireland’s vision ‘to achieve a society where no person's life is limited by epilepsy’ will remain at the heart of everything that the organisation does.

“Epilepsy Ireland remains committed to meeting the needs of people with epilepsy and supporting their families and carers, as it has been doing since 1966”, said Mike Glynn.

Following the rebrand, Epilepsy Ireland will retain the light bulb image representing the idea of “shining a light on epilepsy”, a theme that is used by many epilepsy organisations around the world.

For more information on epilepsy and the work of Epilepsy Ireland, see