Art of Being Still - Mindfulness and Well-Being

 the Sanctuary 5th Annual Conference

May 20th 2014, Dublin Castle


Well-being is the combination of feeling good and functioning well.  Well-being enables us to develop our full potential; work productively and creatively, build strong and positive relationships and contribute to society. 

Mindfulness is a way of experiencing things ‘as they are’ in a non-judgemental way, allowing us to see what is happening more accurately and respond more effectively.  More and more research shows that the practice of mindfulness can have a positive impact on people’s sense of well-being.

This conference will look at ways in which mindfulness can enhance the well-being of all, from young children through to adulthood.  It will address how the theory of mindfulness relates to well-being and give practical examples.

There will be opportunities throughout the day for meditation practice and discussion.

This conference is relevant to all.


Richard Burnett – What next for mindfulness?

Claire Kelly – The evidence and benefits of mindfulness for young people

Dr. Ming Rawat and Debbie Correll – The experience of mindfulness in GP settings

Ger McHugh and Br Richard Hendrick – A mindful approach to technology

Venue: Dublin Castle, 20th May, 2014

Cost: €100 including lunch

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‘If we are to prosper and flourish in this ever evolving environment, then it is vital that we make the most of all our resources – and this is true for our mental resources as well as material resources’.

 – Professor John Beddington