Interested in securing funding for a local advocacy event?

The Advocacy Initiative is seeking partners to jointly organise local events on how NGOs and non-profit organisations influence public law and policy. The Initiative will provide funding for a number of events across the country that will be part of our overall programme of encouraging reflections within the C&V sector on its role in social justice advocacy.

The Advocacy Initiative is a three-year community and voluntary sector project that promotes understanding, awareness and effectiveness of social justice advocacy in Ireland.  A key objective of the Initiative is to stimulate informed debate and reflections on social justice advocacy. Our aim is to support peer learning and reflection at national and local levels.

The topic/s for the event is open but should appeal to a broad range of community and voluntary sector organisations, focus on influencing public policy and reflect the goals of The Advocacy Initiative.  We are aiming to organise events in a variety of geographical locations.

To learn more about the criteria and how to apply visit our website at: