Announcing an innovative approach to Conflict Resolution training

Conflict is found in every walk of life and in every organisation. Human services and organisations within the community and voluntary sector also experience conflict on a number of levels and in a number of ways. As the challenges of modern day society become more complex, so too do the challenges of conflict. Conflict can often have a shocking effect on people, organisations and communities. Therefore by knowing more about conflict situations, the causes of conflict and the types of conflict involved, people are better able to decide what to do and how to respond to conflict situations.

It makes sense for those involved in management and supervisory roles and in first line positions, whether in a paid or voluntary capacity, to understand conflict better and to use this understanding to find ways to resolve and address conflict in teams, between teams and amongst people in different environments within organisations.

The Open Training College offers multi-phase training opportunities to individuals and organisations that are practical, affordable and based on best practice within the sector. With this knowledge and utilising a range of skilled approaches, managers, supervisors and first line staff will be better equipped to handle what for many is seen as an awkward, difficult and challenging aspect of organisational life.

We offer three phases of training to suit your needs, budget and time constraints. Each phase, offered independently, or as part of a series, informs participants about vital aspects surrounding the crucial area of Conflict Resolution.


Phase 1

‘Introduction to Conflict Resolution’ - Non-accredited self-paced online option

This option enables you to purchase the Level 7 module ‘Conflict Resolution and Mediation’. The module and online self assessment activities and questions will gauge your progress with the material. This option will assist you in building a foundation of knowledge around conflict resolution, boost confidence and reduce the fear of conflict situations.

Available now.

Cost: €95 (Special introductory offer)


Phase 2

‘Exploring Conflict Resolution’ - Non-accredited online option and workshop attendance

This non-accredited option provides you with the following: online access to the Level 7 module ‘Conflict Resolution and Mediation’ and participation in an intensive 1-day seminar led by a topic expert.  The seminar will facilitate participants to explore and test their understanding of conflict theory and strategies. It will also provide a valuable networking opportunity for participants.  A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to each participant.

Upcoming course schedule: April 8th, 2014

Additional course schedules to be released.

Cost: €195 (Special Introductory offer)


Phase 3

‘Conflict Resolution and Mediation’ - Accreditation option

This is an excellent professional development opportunity to obtain a valuable Level 7 award in ‘Conflict Resolution and Mediation’. This module is part of the Bachelor of Arts in Applied Management (Nonprofit/Human Services).

This phase is designed to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the theories of conflict and best practice strategies in conflict resolution and mediation.

In undertaking this module you will learn about:

•         What the key sources of conflict are

•         Ways in which to respond to conflict situations

•         Key skills in dealing with conflict

•         Conflict mapping in analyzing and understanding conflict

•         Techniques of consensus and partnership in managing conflict

•         The importance of the concepts of ‘identity’ and the human need to belong

•         The three psychological shortcuts related to conflict

•         The use of coalition building and team roles when managing conflict

•         The importance of creative thinking and creative problem solving when managing conflict

•         Informal and formal approaches to conflict mediation

•         The characteristics of an effective mediator

•         Ethical issues in relation to the process of mediation

This programme is 8 weeks in duration and accreditation is achieved through a combination of blended learning:  A 2-day seminar led by a topic expert and cutting edge course materials via our eLearning platform – MyOTC. 

Commencement: April 8th, 2014

Additional course schedules to be released.

Cost: €595.


The assessment (examination and assignment) requires you to complete an applied piece of learning to test your understanding of the module’s learning outcomes.  Significant supports are in place such as telephone/email tutorials and feedback on your assessment. 

For more information please do not hesitate to contact Conor Murray (01) 2990580 or