Ag Eisteacht: ABLE Training Programme

Upcoming 3 Day Courses 2017:

ABLE |Cork: Mon 27th Feb, Tues 14th & Wed 15th March

ABLE |Limerick: Tues 2nd, Wed 17th & Thurs 18th May 2017

Ag Eisteacht:

Ag Eisteacht, a registered charity with CHY number 20668, is a nation-wide provider of research based, evaluated training focused on early intervention and opportunities to support and empower parents, thus enhancing relational, family and child well-being. Since 2001 over 1,500 practitioners have been trained using a relational approach.

ABLE Programme:

The ABLE programme (replacing the previous Brief Encounters course) is designed to equip front-line practitioners with the skills, knowledge and confidence required to adopt a relational approach to their professional practice.

Following the three - day ABLE programme participants will be able to:

Use the skills of the brief intervention model ABLE in day to day practice to provide opportunities to clients and colleagues, to share concerns and challenges they face in establishing and / maintaining healthy and supportive relationships

Identify the challenges service users may have in building supportive relationships and gain insights into what their behaviour may mean using evidence based information

Incorporate mentalisation based skills (i.e. perceiving and interpreting human behaviour in terms of intentional mental states e.g. needs, desires, feelings, beliefs, goals, purposes, and reasons) into their work and outline how they will continue to develop these.

Course participants have said:

Having done a number of training courses recently on similar themes, I have found this course to be the most beneficial & the one I have got the most from. Great opportunity to participate in a safe environment. Excellent facilitators.

“Wonderful! Thoroughly enjoyable, perfect pace of delivery. Wonderful feeling of space created during the 2 days.”

Further information:

If you would like to learn more about ABLE & other courses provided by Ag Eisteacht please visit our website.

Download this PDF with additional information about ABLE.


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