Citizens Information Service Partners Charities in Dublin South East

The Dublin 2, 4, 6 Citizens Information Service is planning a number of meetings with NGOs, voluntary groups and national bodies who share a remit for dispensing information to their clients who live in the Dublin South East area. The aim is to develop partnerships with specific organisations and to inform them about statutory rights and services.

Dublin 2, 4, 6 Citizens Information Service operates 5 CICs in Dublin South East and is part of a network of more than 250 such Centres throughout the State (funded and supported by the Citizens Information Board) which offer free, confidential and independent advice and information to all on:

  • Financial matters;
  • Employment Rights;
  • Disability Information;
  • Housing;
  • Health Services;
  • Justice;
  • Migrant Rights;
  • Social Welfare;
  • Educational Opportunities;
  • Family Issues;
  • Consumer Affairs and
  • European Union Issues.

The intention is that these partnerships will enhance the services that organisations already provide to their communities of interest.
It is envisaged that the first of these meetings will be held towards the end of the year and will cater for those in the Dublin 4 and 6 areas. The meeting for organisations in the Dublin 2 area will be held early in 2013.

If you are interested in attending these meetings, please contact the Development Manager, Liz Carroll, by email to:
or by post to:

Rathmines Citizens Information Centre,
7 Wynnefield Road,
Dublin 6.

Tel: (0761) 07 7110