Dear Community Group Leader

We at Third Space hope this message finds you well !

We would like to say  hello to our neighbours and to welcome you into our space.

We are a non profit organisation with a community benefitting focus running two Third Space Cafes in Smithfield Square and 53 Aungier Street.

We invest any surplus income from our cafes into improving hospitality for our customers and we supporting local projects.

We have a simple and great menu and an informal friendly environment.

We also invite non profits, charities and community groups to use our space in the evening. There is no charge for the use of the room and staffing costs can be reduced by sales made on the night.

Each Monday I enjoy meeting with neighbouring organisations. We have unlimited tea and coffee to facilitate great chat !

Please consider this your personal invite. Send me an email and we’ll arrange a time.

I look forward to meeting you

Thank you

Lee Coates

Third Space Community Worker