Your Opportunity to Meet and Engage with Your MEP Candidates

Ireland goes to the polls on Friday, 23 May to elect our MEPs. This will be your opportunity to elect a representative that could potentially affect meaningful change on everything from climate change to meeting overseas aid targets at a pan-European level. This means that your vote really does count.

Preparing to Cast Your Vote

To help you make an informed choice, The Wheel has arranged a series of European Election Hustings across Ireland for the coming weeks. This is your chance to meet with and question your MEP candidates directly on the social, economic and environmental issues that matter most to you.

We've invited all declared MEP candidates to speak at our hustings, and those confirmed so far include: Brian Hayes, Eamon Ryan, Brid Smith, Grace O’Sullivan, Matt Carthy, Mark Dearey, Paul Murphy, Mairead McGuinness, Marian Harkin, Ronan Mullen, Phil Prendergast, Diarmuid O'Flynn, Thomas Byrne, Lorraine Higgins and Lynn Boylan - and more confirmations are coming in every day.

Register for Your Local Hustings Event Now:


The Wheel has asked each candidate to speak in the context of the Shaping Europe's Future paper that emerged from an earlier series of EU-related events held in the autumn of 2013. Presentations will be followed by a facilitated Q&A session between the candidates and attendees. The event will also include a complimentary lunch.
We sincerely hope that you will be able to join us at one of these timely and important hustings events as together we help decide Europe's future.