The Wheel's Annual Conference to Include Major Fundraising Focus

The Wheel’s National Conference and Expo for the Community & Voluntary Sector is now open for early-bird bookings!

Attendees can look forward to a unique and energising series of events with an agenda that is both inspiring and practical.

The Conference -  25 May, Croke Park

This year's conference takes place at a pivotal moment for the community and voluntary sector and, as you can see below, will be exploring a number of topics that will be of particular interest to Irish fundraisers.

Conference Themes

  • Commissioning: our sector's role and funding is being debated in a new and radical context, namely the move towards commissioning. We need to understand what this move means for the sector
  • Fundraising: we will also be looking at the future of fundraising, and how important it is for trustees and directors of charities to take ownership of the job of ensuring all fundraising activity accords with the highest ethical standards. We will have a special contribution by Sir Stuart Etherington - author of the Regulating Fundraising for the Future report, which contains salutary lessons from the recent fundraising controversies in in the UK.
  • Regulation & Transparency: we will be looking at how the community and voluntary sector is rising to the challenge of transparency, and whether regulation is increasing public trust and confidence in the sector.

The conference will also feature our largest ever Expo and a wide range of practical masterclasses on a broad range of topics, including Fundraising.

Visit the conference website for more information.